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"I just wanted to share the good news with you. I have lost almost 40lbs in 7 months. (current weight is 162lbs) and feel absolutely great.  I totally love the protein shake, I have one every day with some changes of fruit and adding the powder of the vegetable and fruit capsules.

In my blood pressure is now 106/60.  Thank you so much for being part of my new healthy me!  You were absolutely right, I can indulge from time to time.  I will never 'diet' again!"
- Patty V.

"Deborah has helped me achieve my goals of losing weight and increasing muscle mass through a very simple yet powerful diet and exercise plan that works and achieves results! 
Thanks Deborah!!"

- Mario N.

"To know Deborah is to love her. To follow her advice and "Livit" is to love yourself. Deborah has helped me improve my body, my mind, and most of all my health."
- Karren L.

"I seriously cannot thank you enough for the things you have taught me.  I feel so much better now and I have learned so much.  The two things I am focusing on are pretty simple - but so powerful. I don't have to "do it all at once" - small steps are significant and eat more protein. Once you pointed this out to me, I actually feel full - I eat less and feel fuller.  You've been a huge help!"
- Niki S.

"Deborah is fabulous. I go to a dietician every week and I learned more from Deborah at her seminar.  Loved the grocery items. Her teaching technique is so great and unique!"
- Risa D.

"I have always been obsessed with my weight and what I eat. Now I know I can eat what I want without guilt, as long as I plan for it. Hello Chocolate! Thank you, Deborah."
- Ricki V.

"Deborah saved my life. If she wasn't married, she would be my wife."
- Artie B.

"I wanted to let you know that with your help, I've been feeling stronger and healthier.  I skated 2 programs at the USA Adult National Figure Skating Championships and got the gold medal in both events!!  YEA!  Thanks again for your help Deborah!"
- Mitzi M.

"After following your advice and getting lots of exercise, my Triglycerides went from over 1,000 to 52 and a Cholesterol of 275 to 152 (HDL 57, LDL 85) and weight of 215 pounds to 180 pounds. My wife and I are both addicted to your breakfast smoothie recipe with grounded flaxseed.  We are really happy that I was able to achieve these results without medication, when the doctor had said this would not be possible.  I think everyone should see you.  Thanks so much for your help!"
- Elias A.